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CUNY VLC Survey Data

  • COVID-19 exposure and diagnosis
  • Vaccine accessibility and availability

  • Vaccine perceptions and hesitancy

  • Parental vaccine perceptions

  • Gaps in access to health and social services

  • Health and social vulnerability index

  • Demographics

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Healthfirst Survey Data

  • Explores the same indicators and variables as the CUNY VLC data among a different sample of Healthfirst participants.
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CDC Data

  • Vaccine Hesitancy Estimate

  • Social Vulnerability Index
  • Vaccination Rollout Concerns

  • County Data

  • PUMA Level Data

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More data metrics, better analysis

Measures if respondents have experienced illness or if their loved ones became sick or died from COVID-19. This may impact an individual’s perception of their own risk and the seriousness of the disease. e.g.

COVID-19 exposure and diagnosis



Captures the top health and social services that participants are struggling to access. e.g.

Gaps in access to health and social services

The degree to which a community exhibits certain social conditions, including high poverty, or crowded households, may affect that community’s ability to prevent human suffering and financial loss in the event of disaster. We have adapted the CDC’s social vulnerability index to a set of factors that describe a community’s social vulnerability. e.g.

Health and social vulnerability index

Measures the willingness of parents to choose COVID-19 vaccination for their children once they become eligible, if their children are not vaccinated already. Measures childhood vaccination compliance among participants. e.g.

Parental vaccine perceptions


Public opinions on policies

Captures the top barriers that respondents have faced to accessing the COVID-19 vaccines. e.g.

Vaccine accessibility and availability

Measures the willingness of people to choose COVID-19 vaccination if they have not done so already. e.g.

Vaccine perceptions and hesitancy