The NY Vaccine Literacy Campaign


The New York Vaccine Literacy Campaign has launched its second phase as of August 2022 to support the recovery of routine vaccinations including Covid-19 boosters. This transition involves a concentrated effort in Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods (Upper Manhattan), and ensuring the health and safety of community members through the use of accurate and accessible vaccine resources and information. This neighborhood-level model will demonstrate successful community-academic partnerships to support preventative care and health education.

The first phase of the NY VLC was launched in May 2021 and developed by CONVINCE USA, a team of faculty and staff at CUNY SPH. This first phase of this vaccine education and engagement project was made possible with support from the New York Community Trust, the Altman Foundation, the New York Health Foundation, and the Samuel Freeman Trust. The Campaign aims to lighten the load of community and direct service organizations by increasing community-level access to vaccine education and information through tailored webinars, education modules, training, and other capacity-building resources. Data tracking and resource navigation are provided on a dashboard adapted to respond to the needs identified by community partners.

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Community Partner Support

Capacity-building resources for community partners include:

  • Reviewing and supporting RFP submission
  • “Train the trainer” materials and pre-recorded webinars
  • Technical support
  • Quality improvement design and implementation
  • Conversation guides for phone banking, text banking, or canvassing
  • Up-to-date dosage and attitudes data
  • Static communications materials

The campaign will create relationships with community partners in need of tools and strategies to build vaccine confidence in their communities. Click on the buttom below to share partner recommendations.

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Campaign Framework

Community-level access to vaccine education and information

Tailored resources to community partners and using a data-driven approach to monitor progress and areas of need

Tailored resources to community partners:

  • Through partnerships with Community Based Organizations, integrate community insights and needs into education materials
  • Provide webinars, education modules, and capacity-building resources targeted to specific community groups and the populations they serve

Data-driven approach:

  • Field surveys each quarter (in conjunction with Healthfirst) on vaccine knowledge and attitudes
  • Create and publicize a dashboard of vaccine coverage and sentiments in NYC, Long Island, Rockland and Westchester
  • Promote data literacy through a tailored dashboard
  • Make resources available on a centralize platform

Vaccine Literacy Framework:

Vaccine literacy is facilitated by eight tenets:

  1. Individual knowledge informed by clear, trustworthy, up-to-date evidence
  2. Ability to discern fact from fiction
  3. Listening, encouraging questions, and dialogue
  4. Providing understandable, trustworthy, up-to-date answers to questions
  5. Understanding risks and benefits of vaccination for self and society
  6. Successful education, access, and systems for vaccination
  7. Prudent policies that incentivize vaccination and equity
  8. Transparency, clarity, and confidence in vaccine quality, safety, and efficacy

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