Eligerta Isufi, Fieldwork Graduate Assistant, NYVaccine Literacy Campaign, CUNY School of Public Health

Kamrun Nahar, Project Manager, NY Vaccine Literacy Campaign, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

Vaccines are both safe and effective at protecting people and populations from infectious diseases. Parents and caregivers can now get their children aged six months to five years old vaccinated against COVID-19 using the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. All children, including those who have already been exposed to COVID-19, should be immunized to prevent serious illness and death, and lower the risk of transmission to others.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), all infants, children, and adolescents six months and older should get vaccinated. Parents and caregivers can contribute towards the collection of vaccine safety data by signing their children up for v-safe, the CDC’s post-vaccination health checker. V-safe is a personalized and confidential health check-in system where parents and caregivers can easily share with the CDC how a child feels after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition, booster shots (additional doses, 6 or more months following your first round of vaccinations) continue to be highly recommended as an important part of preventing serious illness or death from COVID-19. They are recommended for the majority of people. The NY Vaccine Literacy Campaign created a one-page flyer on COVID-19 booster shot recommendations.

We have compiled a list of key resources that provide up-to-date information on COVID-19 vaccination for young children and booster recommendations.

Impact on Child Health

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) lists a number of reasons why COVID-19 vaccines are important for children.

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccination for Children

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases addresses frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines and provides the latest information on COVID-19 vaccination from both the CDC and the FDA.

Elmo Explains COVID Vaccines to Children

In a video uploaded by American Academy of Pediatrics, Elmo and his father, Louie, discuss their COVID vaccination experience and encourage other families to get vaccinated. Louie emphasizes the importance of vaccines in protecting and keeping children healthy.

¿Qué deben saber los padres sobre la vacuna contra el COVID para menores de 5 años?

The AAP’s parenting website provides all of the most recent vaccination information, in Spanish, that parents need to know for children under the age of five.

Find Out WHO and WHEN You Can Get Your Booster

Utilizing the tool that the CDC has created to determine when to get a booster allows for tailored recommendations based on your age, immunosystem condition, and primary series type of vaccine.